Frequently Asked Questions

What are wound cleansers?

Wound cleansers are rinse solutions used to eliminate foreign items on a lesion surface and the skin around the wound. In order to speed up the healing process and decrease the incidence of infection, wound cleansers are a practical and inexpensive option. However, the regenerating epithelium, growth factors, and chemokines that are crucial to the wound healing process may be removed by normal washing.


When selecting a wound cleansing, what factors should be taken into consideration?

In clinical practice, the choice of which cleaning agent to employ has traditionally been made in large part based on regional recommendations as well as individual preferences.

An ideal wound-cleansing solution would have the following characteristics: it would not be cytotoxic, and it would not trigger an immunological response (be biocompatible)

• Decrease the quantity of microorganisms that cause disease. 

• Does not promote bacterial resistance (see methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA).

The substance must not cause sensitization; it must be freely available; it must be cost-effective; it must be stable; and it must have a long shelf life.

Why is it so vital to properly care for wounds?

It is essential for the prevention of infection, reduction of scarring, and promotion of healing to ensure that the wound bed is cleaned in a way that is both safe and proper. This involves removing pollutants, debris, and exudate.

Should I keep the wound covered or should I let it open in air?

No, the ideal conditions for wound healing are created when the wound bed is kept wet and the healing cells are able to move freely over and seal the wound. The goal of the clothing that has been recommended for you is to ensure that you retain exactly the proper quantity of moisture—neither too much nor too little. Additionally, it will shield the wound from any infection that may come from the outside world.

When I take a shower, is it okay to get my wound wet?

Yes, unless you have sutures (stitches), staples, exposed bone, or your doctor has advised against it. Yes, unless you have sutures (stitches) or exposed bone. Make sure you inquire before getting into the tub or shower. If you have a wound that needs to be kept dry at all times, you should cover it with a plastic bag of some kind or a trash bag while you shower. In most cases, it is not recommended that you "soak" your wound.

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