Flexx Med Network

Who are You?:

We are Solutions Center, Apart of the Flexx Med Network

a proprietorship built on the question of "what can we do to make a difference." Different in the factor of what can we do to help from our end.

Before entering the Health Scene. Our strongest concern was value and service. leading to our new question: "Is the customer getting the Best Value and the Best Service for their purchase?". The goal is to implement a Next Day to Same Day Medical Logistics Network to customers in need of Products and Services. Especially since the field is of great importance and requires the most urgency in getting the product for the customer. 

Fastest does not mean the Best, which is where we come to find are true work cut out for ourselves. utilizing the best fulfilment services in the country to ensure your product gets there fast and secure. 

Lowest price doesn't mean Best Value, and who doesn't love to get the lowest price? Well, with the standards we have. we look for the overall picture to bring you the Best Value. Time, Price, Quality, Quantity, Security, Availability, and Ease of Access. If you would like the cheapest, then we are not the service to offer that. However the Best Value is are goal. which includes our 7 principals above.


That all being said, having are heading. Who are We?:

We are a Logistics, Systems and Asset Management Business focused on the Development and Management of Services, Assets and Goods. Comprised of Divisions to specific fields. With the goal to Improve the field the division is in, Provide the best we can, And establish and effective and human to human system to our customers. 

The goal is to implement a Next Day to Same Day Medical Logistics Network to customers in need of Products and Services.

Mixed with the values of putting the person before the system. rather then allowing someone to be left out. We are here to help.


What do you provide?:

What we market and then some more. With some of the Fastest Average ship times, Best Value Prices, and Best Quality Products. We are introducing services and goods that are not effectively implemented yet, and/nor provided. Leading us as an Innovative driven Company to create and build systems that would provide use to the country. 

With Customization for the customer in mind, based on the specific needs for the customer. We can provide services that is Designed to Benefit the customer with what they need. 

With Eco-Friendly Optimized Systems We effectively are trying to Better the Planet in our own regards to shipping logistics.

With shortening the distance to deliver, increasing effective shipping parcel dimensions for reduction in waste, close to home manufacturing. With a majority of are products from Manufactured in the USA.

Lastly, Charitable Med CPD's give portions of our Profit to Medically Focused Charitable Non-Profit Organizations for Specific or General Health fields based on the Sites created or the Betterment of Health Services and Good's itself. Effectively giving an impact with your dollar that will be felt.