Irrigation Solution Sterile Water (USP) McKesson, Screw Top ( 37-6240 , 37-6220 , 37-6270 , 37-6280 , 37-6281 )


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Example: [(1) 500 mL => (2) 250 mL => (5) 100 mL]


Sterile Water Irrigation Solution by McKesson is a solution used for wound debridement, device irrigation, and moistening of the wound dressing. This USP Mckesson sterile water solution is not designed for injection. There are no antimicrobial or other substances added, it is not made with natural rubber latex, and the contents are sterile unless the packaging has been opened or damaged. USP Sterile Water Irrigation Solution has a convenient screw top bottle, with latex free packaging.

Unlocking the Power of McKesson's Sterile Water Irrigation Solution

In the intricate world of wound care and medical irrigation, and even CPAP machine maintenance, precision and purity are paramount. Enter McKesson's Sterile Water Irrigation Solution, a meticulously crafted formula designed for wound debridement, device irrigation, and the delicate moistening of wound dressings. This USP-grade solution from McKesson stands as a stalwart companion in medical settings, offering a blend of convenience, reliability, and safety for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Crafted for Care, Engineered for Excellence

Let's delve into what sets McKesson's Sterile Water Irrigation Solution apart. Imagine a solution devoid of added dyes or substances, ensuring the purest form of sterile water for medical applications, including CPAP machine maintenance. This is the promise of McKesson's offering—a purity that speaks to its dedication to uncompromising quality.

The Essence of Sterility

Sterility is non-negotiable in medical settings, and McKesson understands this implicitly. Their Sterile Water Irrigation Solution arrives in a variety of sizes, from the compact 120-milliliter foil-lidded cups ideal for single use, to the larger 100, 250, or 500-milliliter bottles. Each container boasts a twist top for easy access, encapsulated in latex-free packaging for the utmost safety.

A Symphony of Features

Let's break down the key features and benefits:

  • No Added Dyes or Substances: Pure, pristine sterile water for your medical needs.
  • Latex Free: Ensures compatibility and safety for those with latex sensitivities.
  • Twist Top Jar: Convenience meets functionality with easy-to-use twist-top containers.
  • Sterile: Guaranteed sterility for every application, safeguarding against contamination.
  • For Wound Care: Perfect for moistening wound dressings, aiding in wound debridement, and medical device irrigation.
  • Not for Injection: McKesson's solution is purposefully designed for specific medical uses, not for injection.
  • Manufacturer: McKesson, a trusted name in healthcare.
  • Country of Origin: Proudly made in the United States.
  • Application: Ideal for wound irrigation in medical settings.
  • Container Type: Available in bottles with screw tops for ease of use.
  • HCPCS Code: A4216.
  • Ingredients: Pure Sterile Water for Irrigation, no added substances.
  • Product Dating: Expect a shelf life of at least 180 days.
  • Sterility: Certified sterile to meet the highest medical standards.
  • UNSPSC Code: 51473504.
  • Volume: Choose from 100 mL, 120 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, or 1000 mL sizes.
  • Latex Free Indicator: Confirmed not made with natural rubber latex.

Versatility Meets Assurance

McKesson's Sterile Water Irrigation Solution isn't just a product; it's a promise. A promise of purity, safety, and reliability in every drop. Whether it's aiding in wound healing, preparing medical devices, facilitating wound dressings, or facilitating CPAP machine maintenance, this solution stands as a stalwart ally in the pursuit of patient care.

Partnering with McKesson

Healthcare professionals, imagine the ease of use with McKesson's twist-top jars, the peace of mind with its latex-free composition, and the confidence in its sterile purity. Patients, envision the meticulous care that goes into each bottle, ensuring the safest and most effective treatment for wounds and the proper maintenance of CPAP equipment.

In Conclusion

In a world where every detail matters, McKesson's Sterile Water Irrigation Solution stands tall as a beacon of excellence. From its sterile formulation to its thoughtful container design, every aspect speaks to McKesson's unwavering commitment to healthcare quality. So, whether you're tending to wounds, preparing medical devices, or assisting in procedures, trust in McKesson to deliver the purity and precision your patients deserve.

Choose McKesson's Sterile Water Irrigation Solution - Where Precision Meets Care.

Manufacturer # 37-6250, 37-6210, 37-6260, 37-6290, 37-6291
Brand McKesson
Manufacturer McKesson Brand
Country of Origin United States
Application Irrigation Solution
Container Type Bottle, Screw Top
HCPCS A4216 (Disclaimer)
Ingredients Sterile Water for Irrigation
Product Dating We will ship >= 180 days
Sterility Sterile
Type Not for Injection
UNSPSC Code 51473504
Volume 100 mL, 120 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL
Latex Free Indicator Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

*Message To Customers:

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We also want to inform that we ship all packages Next Day to you, if/when available. We have had great success in allocation processing of Sterile Water since Janurary.

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