Antiseptic Hydrogen Peroxide McKesson Topical Liquid ( 23-F0010 , 23-D0012 , 23-A0013 , HDX-D0011 ) 4, 8, 16, 32 oz


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It's amazing what two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen can do when combined. H₂O₂ – or hydrogen peroxide – is one of the most useful things you can have in your medicine cabinet. Use it as a mild antiseptic to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It may also be used as a mouth rinse to help remove mucus or to relieve minor mouth irritation (e.g., due to canker/cold sores, gingivitis). Hydrogen peroxide even has some household cleaning applications.

  • McKesson Antiseptic Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution has a 3% hydrogen peroxide so is ideal for treating minor cuts and abrasions (although should not be used to treat deep wounds, animal bites, or serious burns)
  • Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen when it is applied to the affected area: The release of oxygen causes foaming, which helps to remove dead skin and clean the area
  • Mixed with water, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a gargle or mouth rinse: Because it kills germs it may freshen breath

Further Features:

  • McKesson Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
  • Topical Solution USP
  • First Aid Antiseptic
  • Oral Debriding Agent
  • For treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.
  • For use as a gargle or rinse.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
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